Career Development



areer development — A variety of career development paths may be considered, implying diverse skills, e.g.:

  • Technology-oriented skills;
  • task-oriented skills;
  • management-oriented skills;
  • business-oriented skills;
  • and people-oriented skills.

Junior graduates rapidly grow technology-oriented skills and task-oriented skills, usually in a matter of months. Once these are established, Nokor offers to develop complementary skills, by proposing client-facing responsibilities or management-related responsibilities. As a result, most Managers are comfortable handling projects that imply direct interaction with clients.

Ongoing training — Scope of training covers both technology and management areas. Typically, training scheme takes the form of in-house knowledge transfer from technical leads and from senior managers, as well as collaborative learning through Nokor Group’s knowledge management facilities.

More exceptional forms include overseas scholarship training — a life-changing experience that Nokor encourages.