Our Approach


rom the first handshake onwards, e-Solutions Group adopt a consistent attitude: seek first to understand. Some questions related to your environment are likely to drive needs in terms of technology, or human resources, or business management, or a combination of these (see quiz in the next article on the right). The interest we take in all such questions is as high as yours.

We regard IT systems as a means rather than an end — a means to help your organisation realise its objectives.

We will supply IT services as soon as we understand how these ultimately contribute to a broader picture: controlling costs; strengthening your organisation’s core capabilities and competences; driving a long-term organisational development effort; supporting a business strategy, or even a corporate strategy.

Expect us to keep focusing on your ultimate objectives. Expect us to keep firing questions so as to best understand these. Expect us to keep feeding you with strategically relevant information. Expect us to periodically revisit fundamental parameters alongside IT, such as human and process dimensions. Expect us to suggest embedding organisational performance measurements within your IT systems. Expect us to explicate how IT interventions contribute to your organisation’s strategic framework.