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ocial media strategy is identified by world-renowned consulting firm Gartner as an emerging and essential area of corporate communication. Such view reflects the diversity of communication strategies across firms, some choosing to rely on proven public relation and marketing techniques, and others choosing to leverage latest technologies and trends.

Nokor Design and Communication is, first and foremost, a team of seasons consultants with varied, international, and multicultural backgrounds. We understand that design and communication are driven by more fundamental dimensions, such as organisational culture, strategic management, or corporate social responsibility.

Nokor Design and Communication offers a comprehensive range of services including event-based communication, brand identity development, marketing communication, and social media management. Examples of our former realisations include producing brochures, logos, business cards, signage, product packaging, online presence, and videos, as well as managing public relation events.

We appreciate that your needs are unique, and may vary along the entrepreneurial lifecycle, e.g.: ranging from basic startup and SME identity management, to enterprise-grade social media consulting. In all cases, we will strive to deliver highest value to meet your objectives.