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ndustry conditions have been changing at a dramatic pace over the past few years, and such pace of change seems to establish as a solid trend for the years to come.

  • Did you consider how the forthcoming introduction of credit card and online payment is going to reshape your own Industry sector?
  • Have you anticipated changes that will result from enforcing intellectual property rights in 2013, as a prerequisite of the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights Agreement by the WTO?
  • Have you assessed the potential benefits of quality-related certification as means to sustain your competitive advantage on either domestic or export markets?

NOKOR-ACT (Audit, Consulting, and Training) have the ability to act as your strategic partner, accompanying your organisation’s strategic management, and helping tame related complexity. We will help analyse current trends, anticipate market shifts, devise marketing strategies, recommend organisational development plans, and implement training programs.