What We Do


he digital economy is triggering a new wave of transformation in the way leaders and organizations do business. However, this rapid adoption of new technologies demands significant cultural change and challenges traditional business models.
Our teams design winning strategies by harnessing the power of the new digital economy. We deliver value and performance through our mastery of digital advances, information insight and business transformation.
Responding to an ever-diversifying demand, to the emerging market’s needs, Nokor Group has structured as a group around five main axes and five main activities, namely:

  • Enterprise Solutions activity — delivering enterprise-grade business automation solutions and services;
  • Mobile Technologies activity — delivering cutting-edge mobility solutions;
  • System, Network & Administration activity — delivering professional networking and system administration services in smaller SME settings and larger government and corporation environments;
  • Design & Communication activity — delivering communication-related services that range from website design, to marketing material, and to event management;
  • Audit, Consulting & Training activity — delivering value-adding consulting in technology, management, and economy business development.